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Alam Budiman

Steps to register for affordable home
1.    Log on to
2.    Click on “Perkhidmatan Online” 
3.    Click on "Daftar Baru" to start your registration
4.    Type in your IC Number and click “Semak
5.    Click on "Mohon" to continue
6.    Put in all your details and click “Daftar
Above steps  only allow you to get a login ID and password for registration login
7.    Click on the green box with the word “SPPRS” stated
8.    Click “Pemohonan” on the menu bar
9.    Put in all the CORRECT details and click “Setereusnya” (x4)
10.  Below are documents you need to attach at the last step of registration:
(a.)    Kad Pengenalan/ Kad Polis
(b.)    Surat Nikah/ Pengesahan Bujang*
(c.)    Penyata Gaji Pemohon
(d.)    Kad Pengenalan Pasangan (if married)
(e.)    Penyata Gaji Pasangan
(f.)    Surat Beranak/ Bil Air, Elektrik/ Kad Pengenalan Anak-anak/ Documen Berkaitan
(All are compulsory excepted for (e))
9.    Click “Muatnaik” to upload all attachment and click “Seterusnya” to complete your registration

Terms and Conditions for registration

1.    Malaysian, age 18 and above
2.    Household income between RM 3,001.00 to RM 8,000.00
3.    Applicants (husband/wife) own no houses in Selangor area
4.    Applicants that are single must have family dependents
5.    Purchase are only for staying purpose, renting are not allowed
6.    Transfer are allowed only after 5 years


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